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The Pink Ivory Custom Pool Cue
The Pink Ivory Custom Pool Cue
The Pink Ivory Custom Pool Cue

Pool CUe #129

The Pink Ivory Custom Pool Cue 

Purchased by Tracy Flowers (Jan. 2002)

This cue is like building two cues to get one. After the forearm was inlaid the cue was remachined and a new slot was cut to inlay the Pink Ivory Points. Pink Ivory is a rare exotic wood  from the African continent (Berchemia zeyheri), and it is often said to be rarer then diamonds. In fact, it is almost impossible to obtain because it is the royal wood of the Zulus and may only be harvested by the Chief of the tribe and his sons. Any other person who cuts or possesses the wood is subject to death. 

Warning: DO NOT  take a cue made from this wood to Africa under pain of death.

Pink Ivory wood is extremely heavy, machines easily and is of  very fine texture. It polishes well. Very attractive pieces of jewelry have been fashioned from this wood. It is so scarce that it is found only in the finest cues or in museum quality pieces. 

An extremely unusual cue, the points consists of black Gaboon ebony veneers, holly, vacuum-died sycamore (red) veneers and ebony points. Within these ebony points is where the Pink Ivory points are contained. The butt sleeve consists of four Pink Ivory windows, and within these windows are center cut Elephant Ivory diamonds. Below the diamonds are eight Bloodwood inlays and eight Ivory inlays forming a ring around the cue. You will find a similar ring of Bloodwood and ivory inlays in the joint although they are diminished in size so as to better conform with the taper of the cue. 

The joint is formed by using the Radial Pin coupled with an Ivory joint, which is the same length as the Ivory butt cap. This cue consists of more than 120 pieces of Ivory, Pink Ivory or other exotic wood.

Includes two laminated or two hard maple shafts and Ivory ferrules.

ONLY $2,249.00

(Prices do not include shipping, handling or insurance.)






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