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Purple Heart Pool Cue Blank
Purple Heart Pool Cue Blank

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Purple Heart Pool Cue Blank

Finally a Cue Kit for the experienced wood worker who has experience with clear finishes and has access to a lathe. Your choice of Exotic Purple Heart or Rosewood.

The kit includes the tapered butt with the slot already cut for an Irish linen wrap. The 3/8 Radial joint pin and a weight screw is already installed. Shortening the length of the weight screw will reduce the weight of the cue. A rubber bumper is provided along with its attachment screw. The shaft is tapped to receive the 3/8 Radial Pin. A Melamine Ferrule is installed and a LePro tip is provided. The shaft is final tapered to 13 MM Dia. and ready for final sanding. Black linen based fiber collars are installed on the butt and the shaft. The black linen based fiber butt cap is also installed.

You begin by putting the butt between the centers of your lathe and then spin the butt. Sand with 400-grit sand paper until smooth. Remove from the lathe and sand with the grain until all unsightly scratches are removed, and then sand with 600-grit sand paper until smooth. Remove all excess dust and spray with clear coat. This can take many coats depending on the finish used. Now allow the finish to cure (about two weeks) and then wet sand with 600-grit wet/dry paper. Polish with rubbing compound and finish with McGuire's #7 Automotive polish.

Now that your butt is finished it is time to wrap your cue (Black with White Specks provided). Just drill a 1/32 of an inch hole at the beginning of the wrap to hold the end of the cord and secure with a small wooden plug with some white glue. Apply a thin coat of white glue (50 percent glue and 50 percent water) over the entire wrap area, and slowly spin the cue and allow the cord to wrap the handle. When you get to the end drill another small hole to secure the end of the cord by using a small wooden plug with some white glue. Now you can smooth out the wrap by putting the wrapped area of the cue between two smooth pieces of hardwood and carefully squeeze them together as the cue is turning until you attain the degree of smoothness you desire.

You might consider finishing the first six to eight inches of the shaft in the same manner as above. You should sand the shaft until it meets your requirements. Install and shape the tip. Weigh the cue and adjust the weight screw until the desired weight is achieved. A cue between 18 and 20 ounces is usually obtained.

Only $249.00
With Laminated Shaft $299.00





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