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Titanium Triple Threat Custom Jump Break Cue
Titanium Triple Threat Custom Jump Break Cue
Titanium Triple Threat Custom Jump Break Cue
Titanium Triple Threat Custom Jump Break Cue

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Titanium Triple Threat Custom Jump Break Cue

The ULTIMATE Jump Break Cue (The Jump Break Cue That Established The Industry Standard)

Triple Threat Titanium Jump Break Custom Pool Cue

ANOTHER FIRST BY ARNOT (The most copied jump break cue in the world) –- But they still can't get it right :o)

Leading the way (as always), Arnot has made another improvement on our Jump Break cues. It's how it performs that counts the most!!

  • We were first to make a Laminated Shaft for Jump Cues or Break Cues
  • We were the first to put a short ferrule on a break cue – Now everyone copies us.
  • We were the first to use the Titanium Radial Pin – We had the Uni-Loc people make it for us. We used it to make the connection between the jump handle and the shaft. As soon as other cuemakers found how well it worked they copied this too.

We used the Uni-Loc Quick Release between the cue’s handle and the jump handle because it is so quickly connected and disconnected – that became the industry standard.  Even today most cuemakers will not spend the money for this ultra expensive and accurate hardware. Our Research and Development Reveals:

  1. When you use a (Single Threat): Titanium Radial Pin it results in a stronger and lighter cue for more velocity. Titanium Radial Pin
  2. Add the (Double Threat):  Uni-Loc Quick Release Pin to quickly remove the jump portion from the cue's handle. You go from the most solid hitting break cue ever made to the best jump cue in an instant.

Uni-Loc Gold Joint Pin

  1. Now add the (Triple Threat): TerminatorShaftT3 Jump Break Taper. The strength of the TerminatorShaftT3 (26 Laminations of Hard Maple in a special taper) result in an extremely strong and hard-hitting shaft.
  2. This cue performs so well that even the most inexperienced player will be able to jump balls and break balls effortlessly.  The Titanium Triple Threat does all the work. The Technologically Advanced Precision of the extremely light but super strong Titanium Radial Pin results in the Lightest, Strongest Jump Break Cue made. The hit is like none other ever experienced –The balls literally explode all around the table as they look for a pocket.
  3. Now just to make it prettier (as if the Curley Maple needed help) we added a Black Leather Wrap.

All For Only $649.00 (As shown with Black Leather Wrap).

Only $549.00 (With Irish Linen Wrap)

Arnot Liked This Cue So Much That He Kept It In His Personal Arsenal. Every Single Person Who Has Used It Says It Is The Best Jump/Break Cue They Have Ever Used.

This Particular Cue Now Resides In Arnot's Personal Arsenal.  Arnot is only satisfied with perfection.

He Will Be Happy To Make One For You.

One Sold to: 

Chad Moore, Rochester, PA
William Crosby –- USS Ardent MCM-12
Your Name Could Be Here

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