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Before purchasing your first 2-piece Custom Cue.


What do I need to know before purchasing a two-piece custom cue? Where do I look? What do I look for? What makes for a good custom cue?




You pose some very good questions. I suggest that you start by trying out as many cues as you can get your hands on. Try to remember all the things you like or do not like about the cue.

Once you have identified the cue you like find out who made the cue. If it was not made in U.S.A. then go to another cue. Do not buy any cue made in China under any circumstances. Try to find out if the cuemaker has a reputation for using seasoned wood and if he stands behind his product. If he has not been building cues very long ask how he produces cues with seasoned wood. Unless you are sure he acquires seasoned wood from other reputable cuemakers do not be surprised when your new cue warps. Buying kiln-dried wood by itself does not cut it: It MUST be incrementally reduced in size over a period of YEARS to stabilize properly.

Do not buy a cue with PVC or ABS used for the ferrule. Only buy cues with Ivorene III, Aegis II, phenolic or linen based fiber ferrule material. The same goes for the butt cap. Stay away from nylon wrap material - it is another indicator of a cheap cue. If they skimp in one place they usually take short cuts in another as well. If they won't let you try out the cue (with chalk) do not waste your time with them.

Ask your friends about their cues: Was it necessary to have the ferrule replaced? How long did the first tip stay on? Does your cue make any unnatural vibrating sounds when you hit a ball, hit it sideways against your hand or lightly drop it on the rubber bumper.

I seriously doubt that you will be able to acquire a solid cue made from seasoned wood, carefully assembled using the best material for less than about $500.00 today. If it sells for less, then it just isn't a quality product and the builder knows knows why. You will find however that a new cuemaker will often sell his cues below his cost for a short while just to get some exposure. They will, however, come to their senses fast.

Look around your pool room and ask the best players what kind of cue they are using. If he is playing with a genuine custom cue and selling junky cheap cues ask him why he is not playing with the cues he sells? What they do speaks much louder then what they say. If you buy direct from the cuemaker you should be able to get more cue for the money.

Do not buy a "Sneaky Pete" because they are made from unseasoned wood and generally warp. For proof just look at all the house cues that are warped.

Buy the cue you want the first time around even if you have to save up to do so. You will save money in the long run. Upgrading is very expensive because you take a serious hit on inexpensive production cues. You can often get a good buy on a used cue. Check it out carefully and make sure it has not been abused.





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