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Pool Cue 656


Every wonder 'who was or is Pete'?  Well now, the real Pete was a well spoken, quiet and unpretentious person who liked to play pool.  Pete was a hustlers' hustler and it seemed when you watched him play that he only missed when he needed to!!!  So good was Pete's skill that he often did beat his opponent s by just enough creating false hopes within his 'victims' that they should have and could have won.   And yes Pete let them them win occasionally at the right place and time as he continued to spin his web wider and wider.

As an unpretentious person Pete felt that having a solid hitting reliable cue that did not 'alarm' his opponents would be the most effective method of concealing his tremendous abilities.  Hence the term 'Sneaky Pete' cue was born incorporating all the essentials of a quality custom 2-piece design disguised as a 'traditional house stick '.
After ' Sneaky Pete' beat just about everybody everywhere the ' Deluxe Sneaky Pete' came into being for all the Sneaky Pete wanna be's who desired the attention of becoming that next 'Sneaky Pete' player legend.
Now new from Arnot-Q's is the ' Elite Pete' , the next generation of Sneaky Petes for the discriminating player with a game to match.  Regardless of what version of ' Pete' you may need you can count on one thing, Arnot-Q's provide value added performance that "hit great and shoot straight".  Try one today and experience the technology of an Arnot-Q and what it can do for your game today.

The Elite Pete

Order yours today!
(Curly Maple, Rosewood and Ivory)
(Double Black LBF Collars and Butt Cap) with Brass Radial Pin.

We have wanted to do this for years! We could stand to put it off no any longer: A wonderful piece of Rosewood long spliced into a Primo piece of Hard Curly Maple = One great looking cue. Now add 4 Ivory Diamonds to the points and here is what you get:

This cue includes the following:

  • East Indian Rosewood Butt with 4-Points
  • Primo Curly Maple Forearm
  • Four Ivory Diamonds (1 In Each Point)
  • Brass Radial Pin
  • One #1 Hard Maple Shaft or OneTerminatorShaftT3™ (Your choice)
  • Melamine Ferrule
  • Talisman Medium Tip
  • Double Black Linen Based Fiber (the strongest stuff known to man) Butt Cap and Joint Collars.


Only $579.00
Order yours today (Allow 6 weeks for delivery).    

(Prices do not include shipping, handling or insurance.)





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