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Pool Cue Pricing

How does Arnot determine the price of his cues?

Pricing Guide (As of September 18, 2010)

Each part of the cue represents a certain amount of work. How much work does it take to acquire, prepare, shape and install that part? Let's take a look.
For instance you might see what appears to be a simple veneer alongside the point in a cue. That simple, very small piece of wood had to be acquired, stored, dyed, cut to shape and then the edges beveled. In addition to all that, it then had to be precisely installed alongside the point and glued and clamped in place. How much is that veneer worth?

Not a heck of a lot by itself, but when you consider the amount of work it took to place it perfectly into a custom cue, it becomes very valuable. Not only must that veneer look great, but it must be stable and add to the structural integrity of the butt itself. It cannot vibrate or move around or break as the cue is given its final taper to size.

Lots of things can happen and this cost is amortized among each and every cue that is made. I charge $12.50 for each color of veneer for each point. Now when you consider that each point gets two veneers installed (one on each side) $6.25 for each separate veneer installed. When you compare this to replacing a tip for about $15.00 to $20.00 (with little possibility of ruining the cue) you can see how good a value you are getting.

Custom Made Cue Prices

The following prices are a guide to use to determine the approximate price of a custom cue.

Basic Butt and One Hard Maple Shaft, with or without Irish Linen Wrap - Seasoned Hardwood (Hard Maple, Purple Heart, Rosewood) with Radial Pin™ - $350.00. With TerminatorShaftT3- $429.00

  • TerminatorSfaftT3™– Includes Melamine or Saber-T Ferrule and Choice of Tip (Except Layered Tips). $199.00
  • Hard Maple Shaft - #1 - Includes Melamine or Saber-T Ferrule and Choice of Tip (Except Layered Tips). - $199.00.
  • Hard Maple Shaft - #2 – Includes Melamine or Saber-T Ferrule and Choice of LePro, Elk master, or Triangle Tip-$149.00.
  • Irish Linen - Wrap - $50.00
  • Leather Wrap $150.00
  • Teja Lizard Wrap - $250.00
  • Rare Exotic Hardwood – Ebony, Tulipwood, Highest Grade Curly Maple or Bird's-Eye Maple, Highly Figured Cocobolo, Camateo, Kingwood - $100.00
  • Ivory Ferrule - $90.00
  • Ivory Joint - $150.00
  • Ivory Butt Cap - $350.00
  • Ivory Rambo Ring - $100.00
  • Ring - Each Ring - $10.00
  • Point - $25.00 to $100.00 Each
  • Veneer (Set for 4 Points) -$48.00
  • Layered Tip: $25.00
  • Moori Tip, Kamui, Sniper, Samsara or other premium Tip: $50.00
  • Ivory Inlay: Small -$40.00 Medium- $60.00 Large - $80.00 - $200.00
  • Wood Inlay: Small - $30.00 Medium-$40.00 Large $50.00 - $100.00

These price supersede any other prices listed on ArnotQ Website.
This price list is only a guide.

The final price of a cue will be determined by the volume and intricacy of the work involved.





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