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Pool Cue 848

Bird’s Eye Maple – Bocote Custom Pool Cue with Green on Green Rings (60 Inch Cue)

This cue is in stock.  Allow 5 working days to complete your custom made shaft.

Even though this cue looks like a Sneaky Pete it is as far removed from a Sneaky Pete as Alaska is from Florida. Sneaky Pete cues are made from house cues and house cues are notorious for being bent (WARPED) and made from the cheapest material. We would NEVER build a cue from a house cue because that wood is unseasoned and almost always warps.
I started this cue with a 4 year old piece of very nice 3x Bird's Eye Maple for the forearm and a very old piece of Seasoned Bocote wood  for the butt. Joined together utilizing the "Long Splice" or "Full Splice" technique it retains the "One piece Feel" of a custom cue. With even points it makes a very nice cue for the serious player who is more concerned with playability.

This cue includes the following:

  • Seasoned Bocote wood with 4-Points
  • Seasoned Bird's Eye Maple Forearm
  • Radial Pin (They are expensive but they are worth it because they are so accurate)
  • One TerminatorShaftT3™.  The best laminated shaft in the world.
  • Melamine Ferrule
  • Green on Green Rings in the Joint and Butt sleeve.  These rings are carefully made from veneers.
  • Natural Color Linen Based Fiber (the strongest stuff known to man) Butt Cap and Joint Collars. These collars and Butt Cap add durability by keeping the cue from splitting. They also look nice.
  • 19 to 22 Ounces

Only $499.00

(Prices do not include shipping, handling or insurance.)




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