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What's the difference between a custom made cue and an individually made custom cue built to fit a particular pool player?


The sad truth is that more and more the term "custom cue" is defined as any "two piece" playing cue. I guess that comes from the time when all two piece cues were custom made for road players, gamblers and professionals who traveled frequently and, for them, the convenience of a two piece cue was necessary.

Next came the manufacturers who wanted everyone to think that their cues were as good as the precision made, individually assembled and constructed cues master cuemakers were creating for their customers. These manufactured cues were produced in great numbers by machine operators whose main concern is "payday and sundown. The cues look great, some play ok for a while, but most will end up as firewood, or given to the kids to play with, or just thrown in the trash can along with the day's other rubbish. But they are called "custom cues" right along with the fine cues that were ordered by the customer and individually built according to that customer's needs and desires.

Don't be tricked into purchasing a two piece cue made to fit the display rack. For just a little more money you can have a precision made, individualized custom cue from Arnot. It is worth the wait!


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