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Arnot's Personal Arsenal
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Arnot's Personal Cue
When I designed this Custom Cue, I pulled out all the stops! I started with a great piece of Cocobolo wood and an exquisite piece of seasoned birds-eye maple, malachite, and ivory. I included silver rings, a Uni-Loc® Stainless Steel (14K Gold Plated) pin, and an inlaid chain consisting of 296-pieces of blood wood, sycamore dyed veneers, and holly. 

My First Eight Point Cocobolo Wood Cue
This was my first Eight Point Custom Cue that I ever made,  and it was also the first custom cue I made with veneers. It has been sitting in a private Palm Beach collection for the past four years. I was finally able to bring my baby home a few weeks ago, and home is where she will stay. 

The Finch Figured Ebony Jump/Break Cue
with Dual Uni-Loc® Joint Systems
Tired of having to shoot eight balls after the break? With this cue you can play five ball or six ball most of the time, and if you get stuck behind another ball you can jump out effortlessly.

The Camateo Custom Pool Cue
When I first started creating this pool cue it was obvious that Camateo wood had exceptionally beautiful figure. The Camateo wood is a rich burgundy color with irregular black streaks throughout. IT IS WONDERFUL!!

Triple Threat Titanium Jump/Break Cue
Leading the way (as always), Arnot has made another improvement on our Jump Break cues. It's how it performs that counts the most!!

Ebony With Attitude - 1
Every once in a while I decide that I need a new cue. (Cindy, my wife, says I already have enough cues.) I wanted a cue that would perform flawlessly and be pleasing to the eye; check it out and you decide if I hit the mark with my Ebony With Attitude.
The Road Player (Four Rambo Rings) Deluxe The Road Player (Four Rambo Rings) Deluxe
One fine looking cue. Starting with an exceptional piece of 5 year old seasoned Bocote Wood it just got better and better.
656 The Elite Pete
We have wanted to do this for years! We could not stand to put it off any longer: A wonderful piece of Rosewood long spliced into a Primo piece of Hard Curly Maple = One great looking cue.
The Great White Shark Custom Pool Cue The Great White Shark Custom Pool Cue
Take a bite out of your competition with this predatory killer.
Snowflake Custom Cue
Snowflake Custom Cue

Snowflake Custom Cue
I inlaid 4 Ebony floating points into the Birdseye Maple forearm. I then placed 6 ebony arrowheads in a circular shape. I accented each arrowhead with an Ivory dot placed into the concave shape of the arrowhead. Magically, the Snowflake design was born.


Arnot Q Custom Pool Cues
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