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Custom Jump Break Pool Cues

Why Purchase a Jump/Break Cue?

Because jump break cues are the only cues engineered specifically for two purposes; breaking the balls and jumping blocking balls. They don't just break the balls they explode the balls.

Developing the best jump break cue in the world is no accident - it took a lot of hard work and even more disappointment. But with each failure I learned a valuable lesson; another way NOT to make a jump break cue. I finally found the winning combination of materials, assembly techniques and correct taper. The cost of development has been enormous.

All to often I have heard someone say, "You can always use it for a break cue." Now the only problem with this statement is that the the break is the most important shot of the game. If you don't pocket at least one ball you lose most of the time.

I want you to have the very best pool cue money can buy because I take immense pride in my work. Cheap and fast has never been my credo and it does not produce the best. Cheap and fast can be pretty, but it will not hold up over the long haul.

Arnot Wadsworth






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