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When I first decided to become a cuemaker I had much to learn. I couldn’t find anyone to help me so I had to learn everything on my own. That learning process was very costly in the loss of time, materials and supplies. I ruined many cues. I decided that someday I would start a school to keep aspiring cuemakers from making the same mistakes.

At Arnot's Shop you will learn how to build custom cues from start to finish. You will learn the tricks of the trade that ordinarily take years to acquire. The short course for those who already have machines shop skills takes one week (Monday through Friday). The regular course for those who need more instruction takes two weeks. Class starts at 8:00 a.m. and continues until at least 5:00 P.M. We will take you through the entire process of cue making. When you return home you will be able to make minor and major repairs on custom cues. You will also learn when to say no to some repair work.

You will save the cost of the course many times over because you will not make mistakes in the acquisition of machinery and supplies.

Facilities: Plan your shop - Where you are going to put all the new equipment you are going to purchase.

Equipment and Tooling: What equipment you will need and the tooling needed to fit that equipment. Part numbers and sources. What equipment is not necessary or overpriced.

Wood Selection: Learn how to select your wood, and what wood NOT to buy. Various woods used in cue making. Advantages and disadvantages of specific varieties. Poison woods discussed and safety measures employed to reduce injury.

Cue Construction Techniques:
You Will Learn to:

  1. Process New Wood
  2. Assemble a Cue: What to do and When
  3. Join Forearm to Handle
  4. Join Butt Sleeve to Handle
  5. Install Joint Pin
  6. Make and Install Butt Cap and Joint Collar
  7. Taper the Butt and Shaft
  8. Drill and Tap in Wood
  9. Inlay Points
  10. Inlay Veneers
  11. Make Trim Billets and Rings
  12. Make and Install Ferrule
  13. Install and Shape Tip
  14. Cut Wrap Slot.
  15. Install Irish Linen Cord Wraps
  16. Install Leather Wraps
  17. Finishing the Cue. Advantages and disadvantages of various finishes and how to successfully finish a cue.

Sources of Supply: The address and phone number of suppliers who have conducted business in a professional and satisfactory manner.

The cost of the short course is $2000. The cost of the regular course is $4000. One thousand dollars is payable at the time of ENROLLMENT and it is NOT refundable. The balance must be paid BEFORE you begin class. You can also arrange to make payments and start class when the tuition is fully paid.

You will save the cost of the course many times over because you will not make mistakes in the acquisition of machinery and supplies or ruin wood and supplies in the learning process. I promise that this course will save you many hours of frustration, disappointment and lost time. It will also save your reputation because even your first cues will hit solid and be durable.

  • You will always have someone to telephone or e-mail if you run into a problem after graduation.
  • A private personalized course is also available. Call to discuss.
  • You will be invited to join in the co-operative buying of wood and other supplies.
  • Classes are scheduled to start on the First and Third Monday of each month. Call now to enroll!
  • You will also receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the course. This will give your clients confidence in your ability.
  • You will have fun!

Enroll today, telephone Arnot at (561) 433-2885


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Lake Worth, FL 33461
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