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terminator shaft

terminator shaft

terminator shaft

terminator shaft



Terminator shaft

Replace Your Current Shaft With A TerminatorShaftT3™ TODAY

Just Tell Us What You Need And We Will Custom Make It To Fit Your Cue!



Look for the t3 on the Shaft.

The Next Generation in Laminated Shaft's.

New "Point and Pocket" Technology

Minimizes Cue Ball Deflection!


Arnot Q Custom Cues introduces the next generation shaft technology with the innovative TerminatorShaftT3 ™.

Are you tired of other shafts that do not live up to their expectations? Try the TerminatorShaftT3 ™.

The TerminatorT3 Shaft ‘gives the shaft’ to poor performance by reducing cue ball deflection - the major cause of missed shots.

Terminator Shafts reduce deflection by optimally aligning layers of hard rock maple together with advanced adhesives. The stabilized shaft is then incrementally reduced in size over time to create a progressive mid length pro taper T3 shaft. This results in a dimensionally stable shaft unaffected by humidity and heat conditions that plague conventional cue shafts.

You will see an immediate improvement in pocketing performance - a solid Maple hit - minimal cue ball deflection - unprecedented feel and feedback. Now you too can take dead aim with this new ‘point and shoot’ technology. Elevate your game to the next level and find out what Arnot Q customers already know about the new TerminatorShaftT3 technology. See and feel the difference!

Take the Terminator T3 challenge, ‘Be The Best That You Can Be With Terminator Technology’. Terminator T3 shafts are only $199.00 plus U.S.A. shipping and insurance ($10.00).To order your T3 shaft today call Arnot at 561 433-2885 and we shall custom manufacture a T3 shaft to perfectly match your favorite cue.

Exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail produces uncompromising performance without sacrificing artistic detail that is also pleasing to the eye. The bottom line is the:

  • Enhanced Playability of the TerminatorShaft™
  • Producing a Cue with a Very Solid Hit
  • Excellent Feel AND Superior Cue Ball Control
  • Minimizes the effect of cue ball deflection.

Terminate the competition and maximize your potential:

"Be All That You Can Be." Order NOW

Shape up your game NOW with a TerminatorShaft™.

The TerminatorShaftT3™ - Break Shaft - Stiff Modified Pro Taper With Very Hard Leather Tip (For More Cue Ball Control).

!!! Order one to fit your break cue today!!!

Terminator Shaft™ Only $199.00

Terminator Shaft™ is Available in:

  • 5/16-14 (Brass Pilot)
  • 5/16-18 (Flat Face or Pilot)
  • 3/8-10 (Wood to Wood)
  • Radial Pin ™ (Wood to Wood)
  • Southwest

Optional Extras:

  • Moori Tip (Only $50.00)
  • Ivory Ferrule (Only $70.00)
  • 30-Inch Long Shaft (Only $25.00 Extra)
  • Uni-Loc Quick Release ($20.00)
  • Perfect Match to Fit Your Cue ($59.00 + Shipping)

Terminator Shaft™ is 100 percent Made in the USA.

Dealer Inquiries Welcome - (561) 433-2885


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3717 Jeanne Avenue
Lake Worth, FL 33461
(561) 433-2885
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